Ravi Roy Online Repertory and Therapeutics Colds & Coughs

The Online Repertory is the basis of your practice as well as your researches

Certainty in your prescription today has the same relevance as 200 years ago!

That’s how long homoeopaths have studiously and enthu- siastically investigated the quality of the symptoms in practice.

Today we build on this solid foundation of the pioneers who assiduously verified high quality symptoms.

We need exactly this knowledge about the quality of a symptom in our daily homoeopathic practice.

It is a continuous process – extracting out of the innum- erable early sources and the (of same importance) verified current sources – flowing into the Online Repertory.

The difference: All new additions are given their specific colours determined by their quality/importance.

Simultaneously the soundness of the existing symptoms in Kent’s Repertory is being researched and scanned.

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Your Returns

Ravi Roy’s extra-ordinary experience in the treatment of diverse disease conditions enables him to sift the valuable from the conglomeration of symptoms and determine its importance. A wealth of symptoms is to be found only in this repertory, not even in any materia medica! His deep researches in the field of homoeopathy accredit him the knowledge to define the non-proven and wrongly added rubrics/ remedies in the repertories.

Your Benefits

  • You have a continually growing verified repertory at your service.
  • Singular symptoms from Ravi Roy’s Practice – known upto now only to insiders – will become an integral part of your knowledge.
  • The invaluable nosodes will uplift your practice to a new dimension.
  • Authority-Masters: Hahnemann, T. F. Allen, Hering, and others will be analytically integrated into your homoeopathic knowledge.
  • New: Symptom complexes built-in. Standed out in the repertorisation
  • High quality, satisfying results from simply executed repertorisations
  • Up-to-date in the therapy of epidemics